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Dominick Cicale Trailer

Dominick Cicale Trailer

Coming in August

Table in the Back

Dom worked his way up quickly in the Bonano Crime Family from 1999-2005. He made his way to Captain and worked with another Captain Vincent "Viiny Gorgeous" Basciano. During this time Dom was involved in several hits and racketeering. Bonano boss Joseph Massino was jailed in 2004, which made Vinny Gorgeous acting boss. To beat the indictment, Massino wired up and brought down the Bonano family, even giving information all the way back to murders around the Donnie Brasco case. As the house of cards began to fall, Dom turned state's witness and was out in less than 10 yrs behind bars.  

Sammy and Dom sit down to discuss the levels and types of snitching, betrayals by bosses who broke the blood oaths.



Exclusive interviews with ex-members from all five families, sit-downs

with prison wardens and government officials, original short films and more...

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